About Me

I am a 32 year old new mom living in Orlando by way of Alabama.  I love God and Nick Saban and unlike many other Alabama fans, I  realize they are two separate entities.  I adore baked goods, but I won't touch your boxed brownies.  I run to burn off all the chocolate I eat.  Wine makes me giggly or sleeping depending on the kind of day I've had.  Tomatoes make me gag.  I'm 50 shades of imperfect, but aren't we all?

Here's a other few things you should know about me:

I'm married to my law school sweetheart.  Some people might call that getting your JD/MRS.  I call it efficient. We met in 2004 and got married in 2007 because we thought it was a grand idea to graduate law school, take the bar, buy a house, and get married all at the same time.  I call him J on the blog.  We are both practicing attorneys in Orlando.

This is our little girl, born December 12, 2012 at 2:12 a.m.  She was five days late and I can promise you that her birth date was not intentional.

Yes, I know her bow is the size of her head.  Her Mama's from Alabama, remember?  I reserve the right to put her in all manner of smocked outfits and matching hair bows and parade her all around town.  It took two years of infertility treatment to bring her into this world, during which time I nearly lost my mind and definitely lost my abs.  Many of my posts discussing our infertility struggles are found here.

If you've come here because of your own infertility issues, know that if I could, I'd give you a big ole hug and a giant glass of wine because being a sister in infertility is hard and brutal and unfair.  The fact that Brittany Spears has two children and you do not makes me angry on your behalf.  No matter how much I talk about my child, I don't forget that others are still fighting.

We have two furry children named Scooter and Roddick.  They are not the least bit spoiled, unless you count their dog walker, masseuse, and personal chef.  Oh wait, that's me.  So far, they are coping well with having a baby sister.  It helps that we bribe them to behave with multiple daily treats.

In case you haven't figured it out, I like college football - a lot.  I'm a graduate of two SEC schools and I always cheer for my undergraduate team, Alabama, over my graduate school, Florida.  This has made for a few interesting years in my marriage.  We love to argue...I mean, passionately discuss football.  Maybe here is where I should clarify that we are both litigation attorneys.

National Championship Game January 7, 2010
J and I really like being active together.  I blame our sedentary jobs that have us chained to a desk for 10+ hours per day.  So,  when we are not working, we are planning our next outdoor adventure.  We've done a couple of Muddy Buddies together,  the Savage Race, gone white water rafting, zip lined in Costa Rica - you get the idea.  

Muddy Buddy 2010 - Jersey Shore Edition

J's passion is tennis.  Mine is running.  Fun fact: I've run in every theme park in Orlando.  You can call me a nerd; it's not anything I haven't heard before.

I maintained a good level of activity during pregnancy and was able to resume real running shortly after  giving birth.  I just ran my first post-baby half marathon in between bottles, diaper changes, court dates, and dictation.  It was a hot mess, although I sort of PR'd it at 1:52.

One last thing: you might ask why this blog is called "Running Peanut."

Well, check out the picture above.  My husband is the handsome fellow in black.  I'm in pink.  The 6'2 husband has been calling his 5'2 wife Peanut for as long as he's known me.  So there you have it.  Plus, now that I have our little peanut, I run all over town.  Oooh, double meaning!  I'm so deep.