Nov 9, 2012

Baby Peanut: 35 and 36 Weeks

The big news this week?

Alabama is still undefeated.  I may have needed to bake cookies in the middle of the game to keep my cool, but I did it and so did AJ.  A drive for the ages, I tell ya.

The other big news?

Scooter and Roddy might have a career as furry models. Scooter is showing some major blue steel here.

I initially waffled with the idea of doing maternity photos.  Sometimes maternity pictures come off a little conceited, or even worse, cheesy.  There are some bad maternity pictures out there and they usually involve props.  Or nudity.  Or a combination thereof.   

But knowing that this may be our only pregnancy, we decided to give it a shot. The other driving factor was our wedding pictures, or lack thereof.  We have zero professional wedding pictures - nada, not one. Our photographer disappeared shortly after the wedding and we only got a DVD of the photos that cannot be copied.  So we have a major lack of nice family pictures.  

I decided to use Andi after seeing the pictures she took of  MomJovi and the whole Jovi family.  They were pretty and natural.  Andi was a complete pleasure to work with and made us feel totally at ease, an impressive feat considering J and I are probably the most awkward people ever to photograph.  She'll also be taking Baby Peanut's newborn pictures.  After seeing what a great job Andi did with our pictures, I know I made the right choice.  

I visited Katy and her Bug Child, Audrey, on Monday.  What. A. Cutie.  Like, amazingly adorable.  I also really enjoyed talking with Katy about her experiences so far.  Hope our girls are good friends!

We are making excellent progress with the nursery, but it isn't complete.  The curtains come in next week and we have a few things to check off the to do list.  J's office is throwing us a shower today and tomorrow we'll buy whatever else we need.  I signed up for Amazon Moms and am now the proud owner of 648 Huggies wipes and 240 Pampers Diapers. Free Prime shipping is a beautiful thing.

Physically, I'm getting big and tired.  I just have to laugh at the swelling at this point.  Nothing helps - nothing.  I am starting to feel some cramping and the Braxton-Hicks are increasing quite a bit.  My doctor confirmed that the baby dropped at around 34 weeks, so the pressure on my bladder is getting pretty intense.   However, none of that means she's coming even a single day early.  My "work outs" now are just to get my blood moving.  I'm way too far along to be killing myself.

Mom readers: can you tell me what you absolutely had to have for the first month of life? We are trying to only get the essentials.