Nov 20, 2012

50 Trees, 2 Crepes, 1 Drag Queen

I need to be absolved of a sin I committed on the way to work yesterday.

Although it is still two days before Thanksgiving, my wandering hands migrated to XM Holly and I didn't change the channel. In fact, I sang along - me, the person who bemoans the fact that retailers move up Christmas earlier and earlier each year. I resent how Christmas runs directly adjacent to Halloween, don't you?  Poor Thanksgiving totally gets the shaft.

By the way, when do you put up your tree? Mine goes up the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a tree-trimming break to watch the Iron Bowl (that'd been Alabama versus Auburn for you non-SEC fans).

The one exception to my no Christmas before Thanksgiving rule is The Festival of Trees at the Orlando Museum Art.  I go every year and since my Mom moved down, she came with me this year.

Our first stop was the room with all the Gingerbread houses.

See the witch?

The level of detail on each house is insane, which makes sense because the majority of them are done by professional pastry chefs.  The houses are donated and then purchased by Festival attendees.

After the gingerbread houses, we moved towards the room with the smaller trees.  My Mom particularly liked these two trees.

The main room houses the big show trees (that's not really what they're called, but that's what I think of them).  All the trees are donated by local businesses and designers and can be purchased.  They are dang expensive too, most going for well over $1,000.00.  All for a good cause, though.

There was also a tree dedicated to the new Fantasyland.

You can also get all kinds of decorating ideas from the trees, especially if you are crafty...or have a Mom that is crafty.

Good thing she's helping me with my tree this year!

So, on to the rest of the blog title:

J and I were privileged to attend our first same sex wedding this past weekend.  In typical Victoria fashion, I was crying the second they walked down the aisle.  Hormones + Wedding = mount gush more.

Naturally, my pregnancy brain got the better of me and I left the dang camera at home, which is a shame, because the wedding was so unique.  The guest book attendant was a drag queen dressed like a 1920's flapper.  In lieu of cake, the couple brought in a crepe maker to make dessert crepes.  Yeah, I had two.  No shame in milking it while I still can.   Those crepes were delicious and my dress was baggy.  Plenty of room for all that chocolate.   The theme was "Midnight in Paris"  - so pretty.  And delicious.  Yes, I'm still thinking about all that hot Nutella.

What's the most unique thing you've seen at a wedding?  Our wedding wasn't terribly different from your average wedding, although our wedding koozies did say "We Made It Legal."  Keeping it classy - that's where we excel.