Oct 18, 2012

Things to Ponder

1.   Why haven't I been watching The Walking Dead for the last two years?  J and I have been trying to get caught up for the last week and are almost up to the current episode.

Incidentally, it's the perfect thing to watch while putting together a bassinet and a stroller.  Zombies and babies go together quite nicely.

Also, I've realized that our younger furball sounds just like a walker when he's sleeping.  It's really creepy.

2.   It's Tennessee hate week, so I have to link to this: a press conference of a UT fraternity where one of its members denied participating in "butt chugging."  a liter or two of Franzia.  That means giving yourself an enema of cheap ass (sorry, can't help the pun) wine so you can get drunk faster.  As my brother would say, the entire conference brings out the LOLs.  I especially like the reference in the police report to the "Tour De Franzia." Find it here.

P.S. - Dooley, your pants are amazing and all, but they won't save your job.

3.   Just to prove that I can take it as I dish it, why on earth did this family take this picture?  It's not that hard, people. Babies are not footballs.  $100.00 says the parents never went to college, let alone my University.  But I can't deny that's my school's emblem plastered all over their redneck hineys.  God, I hate bandwagon fans.

4.  I used the word cantankerous in a deposition summary the other day.  It's really a fabulous adjective and it conveys the emotional state of a person so much better than irritable, moody, or any other of its synonyms. I need to be more creative in my word choice sometimes.

5.  I took an entire bag of snack size Milky Ways and threw them in my freezer.  I was hoping that freezing them would make me eat them more slowly. Turns out I'd rather crack a tooth then wait for the sugar to enter my blood stream and am having no problems at all mowing them down even in a completely solid state.  Argh.  So much for avoiding temptation.