Oct 30, 2012

Baby Peanut: 33 and 34 Weeks

33 Weeks
Sorry for the absence the last week or so.  To be honest, I've been pretty overtired lately!  I'll be starting maternity leave in a little over a month and have been pretty consumed with wrapping up work and getting ready for this kid to move out of her cozy but cramped quarters.  As of today, I'm 34.5 weeks pregnant - five and a half weeks to go.   You know, because she's definitely coming on her due date.   I gave her strict instructions.

34 Weeks
At 33 weeks, three of my good friends threw me a beautiful ladybug themed shower.  Being the excellent blogger that I am,  I brought my camera and forgot to take pictures.  The hosts did take pictures, so when I get them, I'll share.  Jackie and Michelle (who's pregnant now too!) came, which I really appreciated because they did not know anyone else there and it was on a Sunday.  Thanks, ladies - all of you!  I really marvel at the generosity our friends and family have shown us. We are truly blessed.

The biggest issue I'm having right now is that sleep completely eludes me.  No worries, I'm sure that will get better when she's born.  Ha ha ha.  Last week, one of the female partners in my office stopped by to check on me and I burst into tears.  Totally embarrassing, and completely the result of sleep deprivation...and hormones.  I am not a work crier.  I save that for home, people.

The other problem  I'm having is swelling.  Holy ham hock feet and cankles.  I finally realized that swelling is the reason my calf muscles are so stiff when I wog and go to Dance Trance.  Drinking a ton of water and elevating my feet is unfortunately not helpful.  I think my heels have been shelved for the next few weeks.

Working out: yes, I'm still doing it, even though I look pretty freaking funny.   I kind of can't believe I'm still going to dance class, but it really does help me feel better and I love going.  Running, however, completely sucks.  I mostly walk now with a few intervals of jogging.  And I basically have to bribe myself to do it.

Baby Peanut is still very, very active, but her movements are getting a little on the painful side.  At over five pounds, she is running out of womb.  The jabs and rolls are quite firm and occasionally leave me breathless, but I don't mind because it means she is healthy.  Also, girlfriend loves to hiccup. It's so sweet, even at 3 a.m.

I am almost done with her nursery and can't wait to show you all.  Everything is finally starting to come together!  Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for bed. :)