Feb 9, 2012

Lady Track Shack 5k

I ran the Lady Track Shack on Saturday.

This is the second year I've run this race.  Last year, I did it as part of a 14 mile training run and finished in 28:13.  This year?  

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


PS - I just showed these pics to J and his reaction was, "wow, what camera angle is that?" Apparently it's the, "hey, she's about to puke - let's make sure we get a shot" angle.  Ugh.

I really can't tell you what went wrong here.  The start was definitely crowded, and I had some difficulty getting around people for the first mile or so.  However, the crowds thinned after that and I never really picked up the pace.  My legs just refused to move.  No matter what I did, I could not get my pace under a 9:00 mile.  I was really frustrated, especially after knocking out a great run the past Thursday.   The funny thing is, if this had been a training run, I would have been fine with my pace.  But on race day?  Not so much
I finished in 29:28, my slowest 5k in a long, long time.  Eh.  Can't win 'em all.

My mood lifted somewhat when I picked up a cup of fresh Florida strawberries at the finish.   Y'all, the strawberries are so good right now.  I didn't even want to dip them in chocolate!

After the race, I headed to the nearby Winter Park Farmer's Market.

These pieces of ginger were enormous and only cost $1.00.  I've got to remember to go to the farmer's market more often!  Or maybe try Eat More Produce like Carolina suggested.

I went to Dance Trance after the market and it pretty clear that I was losing steam fast.  I pretty much bitched about how tired my legs were for 90 straight minutes.    I went straight home, showered, and passed out for three hours.

My 14 year old brother-in-law was staying with us over the weekend.  Fearing there would be nothing but vegetables and actual food in our house, he brought provisions:

Let's talk about this for a second.

Why has no one introduced me to the deliciousness that are Oreo Peanut Butter Fudge Cremes? For the love of all things holy, those things are good!  I ate three six and called it my reward for such an epic work out earlier in the day.

Later that evening, we took my brother-in-law to Dave & Busters.  He won me a coffee cup.  Yep, I officially love this kid.

What's the coolest thing you've ever won?  I won a TV when I was eight as part of a church raffle.  It went in my parent's room.


  1. Urgh, race pictures are always terrible, I NEVER look the way I look in them. It's like they purposely wait for you to make a face before they snap away, lame.

    I love the WP Farmers Market, check out Eat More Produce, you'll like it :)

    Check your email for Oscars goodness!

  2. I looooove those chocolate dipped Oreos. Especially the white fudge ones. Holy hell. I won this bar set at Bingo once. It was really cute and had hanging bottle openers and sifters and stuff. But I was like, 13, so yeah...never used it and ended up giving it to goodwill by the time I was 16.

  3. That strawberry looks amazing!  It actually looks more appealing to me than the Oreos...wow, I'm impressed with myself.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to run 3 miles right now (I mean, even after the baby is born).  So you still kicked ass in my book.

  4. Sorry about the race!! I know that can be frustrating. When I was 13, I won tickets on the radio to a 98 Degrees concert. My excitement level has yet to be matched.

  5. MomentsthatmakealifeFebruary 9, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    So those cookies are really that good?  I haven't tried them yet.  We won (actually paid $25 to win enough tickets for) 3 golf balls last time at Dave & Busters.  Earning those damn tickets is expensive!

  6. I once won a shopping cart full with groceries :) I was 15, my mom loved, me not so much :)